About Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a regulated health profession dedicated to maximizing a person's ability to move and function throughout their life. Physiotherapists work with patients of all ages with a wide range of health conditions. Registered physiotherapists have completed a university program and passed two national standardized competency exams. Physiotherapists use their in-depth knowledge of the human body to assess and diagnose, and use specialized hands-on skills to treat symptoms of illness, injury or disability. A physiotherapist can also provide education for disease, injury prevention, and healthy lifestyles.
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What to expect

The first session at Morrisburg Physiotherapy will take approximately 1 hour. In that time we will assess you by taking a detailed history followed by specific physical tests and measures, such as strength and flexibility of muscles, and range of motion of joints. We use this information to establish a diagnosis and then together with you will develop an individualized treatment plan to maximize your abilities and minimize pain. Treatment plans reflect your goals and general health status, and incorporate approaches and techniques supported by the best evidence available. Most initial assessments will also include a treatment.
Most treatments take approximately 45 minutes and may include a variety of hands on techniques, such as joint mobilization, soft tissue massage, myofascial release, guided movement, and stretching. Treatments may also include acupuncture, functional dry needling, electrotherapy, therapeutic ultrasound, muscle stimulation, taping, and exercise.
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